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The Hidden Dimensions



Almost all of his career took place in the banking environment, with a few years in the IT sector. To the practice of photography he alternates sailing, his other great passion.


In her town, introduced by the art critic Dalmazio Ambrosioni, she presented a series of large-format photos of great impact. «The most important goal for me, the author notes, is to fix space, light and time in a symbolic, balanced and visually expressive way, combining intensity and simplicity. “Space, light and time” (this is also the title of the exhibitions) are the three primary dimensions. To capture the sense of a moment, nothing else is needed: a play of light, a circumscribed space, the time that freezes that moment and preserves it - potentially - for eternity ». All this with a single glance, a single frame, the truth of the moment.


Hence his latest photographs, defined as "dizzying" by Ambrosioni, "fantastic in the splendid spectacle of the colors that are dispersed in space, of the shattered crystals, of phantasmagoric shapes due to a shot from a high-precision rifle (TIKKA TA3x TAC A1 with high definition Rodenstock viewer) from a distance ranging from 100m to 300m,)

as well as flasks filled with liquids and pierced by an arrow shot from a crossbow at a distance of approx. 80m ( BARNETT VICIOUS crossbow with Rodenstock viewer), have the ability to create the moment, to perpetuate it in its fleeting beauty, to arouse our desire to interpret them, putting something of ourselves into it ».


All images built on a set (external, parade ground) and made with a unique technique, chosen with the aim of elaborating the personal experience of the author, "expressing through my creative work two phases that belong strictly to me, the death and rebirth, which taught me to recognize myself and to find another path within myself » . The realization of this project was possible thanks to the support of my wife and my friend P. Oberlin, technician and well-known photographer, as well as the shooter M. Bordazzi.


A road marked in the past by the manifestation of a serious illness, miraculously overcome, and with a wealth of experience and struggle that today led him to work as a volunteer for the Triangolo association, to which he donated the proceeds from the sale of the photos of these two first exhibitions.


Images that are the result of a single shot and that serve as a teaching for everyone: each click is unrepeatable and unrepeatable, and life is the sum of moments and experiences that can present, in every single moment, joys or sorrows or changing facts. forever our destiny. Instants that open new dimensions and free secret and unknown resources, changing color to existence which - from black and white - can always return to color.



All photos were taken with a Sony RMIII and SONY 2.8 70-200mm APO G-MASTER and SONY 24-70 G-MASTER lens as well as Zeiss BATIS 1.8 85mm G-MASTER and Fujifilm GFX 100 with Fujinon GF 120mm f / 4 R lenses LM OIS WR Macro and Fujinon GF 250mm f / 4 R LM OIS WR.


Paolo Caverzasio


















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