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Born in Mendrisio in 1956 but living in Comano for many years, he spent a lifetime in the routine of banking,

Paolo Caverzasio rediscovers a love for art that leads him to throw himself headlong into the world of photography, which has always fascinated him. After taking photographs on landscape themes for years and collecting macroscopic shots of the wonderful flowers that populate his garden, Paolo decides to invest time and resources in studying the technical possibilities offered by atelier photography.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, Paolo explores the boundary of the impossible with his photographs that lead the observer to the discovery of the invisible, in a timeless and spaceless place where the fleeting moment is made accessible. Vivid colors, vibrant poetics and a sense of suspension from reality characterize Paolo's most recent works.

However, his shots also become for him a means of expression of that "seize the moment" that has become his motto since he lived an experience of Life, which has indelibly marked him, taught him to give value to every moment, and to steal the magic in every little thing.

A glass that shatters, releasing a cloud of color; a balloon that explodes, revealing a sphere of water enclosed within it: any object, however insignificant, can become magical and exciting through the lens of Paolo Caverzasio.

His working method makes everything even more spectacular: Photoshop and post production are abolished, and each photo corresponds to a single shot, a single chance of "success". And the best photos often hide among the failures: a beautiful metaphor for the unpredictability of life.


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